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What are Adult Day Services?

Adult Day Services bring peace of mind. Adult Day centers provide a coordinated program of professional services for adults in a community-based setting. These services are designed to benefit those who need supervised care during the day. They also benefit caregivers by providing respite on a regular basis.

Adult Day Services are also beneficial because they are significantly less costly than other types of long term care. For example, in Indiana in 2020, the average monthly cost of nursing home care was $7,133. The cost of Assisted Living as well as In-Home Care was around $4,600, Adult Day Services averaged only $1,733 per month. If you are dedicated to keeping your loved one living at home for as long as possible, Adult Day Services can save $50,000-$60,000 a year. For more information, visit

To learn more about Adult Day Services, visit the National Association of Adult Day Services  (NADSA) site. For more information about Adult Day Services in Indiana, see Indiana Association of Adult Day Services (IAADS)

Autumn Leaves of Eastgate is a member of both the national and state adult day services associations and adheres to their best practices and code of ethics.

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