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Coping With COVID 

The health and safety of our guests, caregivers, and staff guides everything we do at Autumn Leaves of Eastgate. While we understand that our client population has a high risk of becoming ill from COVID, we also make every effort to keep our doors open. A regular schedule is so important to the well-being of both guests and caregivers!

Until further notice, the following policies will be followed:

  1. All staff, visitors, and guests will be encouraged to wear face masks while inside the building. They are to be removed only for eating, drinking, bathing, and taking meds. We understand that some guests, especially those with cognitive impairments, may not be able to follow this policy 100%. Staff will remind them to “mask up” and encourage them to cooperate repeatedly throughout the day.
  2. Social distancing will be practiced to the greatest extent possible. Guests will be spaced 6 feet apart during meals, table activities, and when they are resting. All of the furniture at Autumn Leaves is moveable and staff is able to limit exposure by repositioning chairs and tables as needed.
  3. Everyone who enters the Center will be asked screening questions regarding potential COVID exposure and/or symptoms of illness. Everyone who enters the Center will have their temperature taken. Caregivers are required to report any known cases of COVID in the home, or any exposure to persons who have tested positive to COVID. At the discretion of the Director, entry may be denied based on the responses given, or in the case of a temperature registering 100.2 F or higher. A negative COFID test, or physician’s note may be required for admission after a period of at least 5 days.
  4. The Center custodial staff will clean and sanitize surfaces that are touched by staff and guests every evening. Center staff will also clean and sanitize furniture and fixtures throughout the day. Guests will practice frequent handwashing throughout the day, at the direction and assistance of staff.
  5. Autumn Leaves reserves the right to reduce the spread of COVID by limiting entry to staff and clients only.
  6. Autumn Leaves reserves the right to isolate any person who displays COVID symptoms, or develops a fever of 100.2 F or higher. The guest’s caregiver/responsible party will be contacted and required to pick up the guest as soon as possible. A negative COVID test, or a physician’s note, may be required for readmission after a period of at least 5 days.
  7. Autumn Leaves reserves the right to cancel services and close for a period of time, if, in the opinion of the Center Director and the RN, remaining open poses a risk to clients and/or staff. Notice of such closing will be communicated to caregivers/responsible party as soon as possible. There will be no charge for services if the Center is closed.

These policies may be changed as circumstances and understanding about COVID 19 change. Thank you for your cooperation and the trust you place in our Center.


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